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Essential Oil Distiller/Essential Oil Extractor

Medical Marijuana Tinctures and Extracts

We ship only to the Continental U.S.

New Hybrid 8 Gallon Milk Can 4 in1 distiller    

Essential oil distillation is a very enjoyable and rewarding hobby. From aroma therapy, medical marijuana tinctures and extracts (oil recipe here) , to homemade perfumes, candles, and even oils for alternative health healing purposes, there is something of interest for most everyone. Distillation of essential oils is relatively simple, and offers high quality, fresh oils.

Please note: the design for the essential oil basket has changed. It is now has solid sides and perforated bottom to allow steam to reach your dry material. This oil distiller DOES NOT COME WITH AN OIL SEPARATOR. However, your oil and water will separate and can be poured off from your collection container or removed with a pipette.

Only the highest quality Essential Oil Extractor and  Essential Oil distiller guaranteed. Click here to purchase THIS Essential Oil Distiller and Basket w/o Oil Separator:


Why Use Steam Distillation?