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Welcome to Moonshine Still, selling custom made stills by MileHi

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Alcohol stills & Moonshine stills produced by Mile Hi Distilling, the longest standing small scale distillation equipment manufacturer in the USA. Our stills  are built one at a time with the highest quality craftsmanship. We build alcohol and moonshine stills one at a time using 16-gauge super polish #7 tubing. With over 32 years of experience working with stainless tubing, Mile Hi takes pride in every moonshine and alcohol still we produce. I guarantee you will be 100% satisfied!i

 We sell moonshine stills, reflux stills, pot stills, water distillers, essential oil distillers, boilers, towers, and flavor essences. Our stills are produced by MileHi.  I HAVE SOLD FOR MILEHI FOR THE LAST 5 YEARS. OUR PRICES ARE EXACTLY THE SAME AS MILEHI'S. IF I'VE MISSED AN UPDATED PRICE, I WILL MATCH HIS PRICES AND REFUND YOU THE DIFFERENCE! ALL OF OUR STILLS ARE PRODUCED IN THE USA. WE KEEP AMERICAN MANUFACTURING JOBS AT HOME!!

Stainless steel moonshine distillers VS Copper moonshine stills.

 Popcorn Sutton even made his personal moonshine stills from stainless steel.

 We receive a lot of calls from customers asking "what's the difference between the two and which one the best?"

In short, stainless wins for maintenance, cost, and durability.

 Stainless steel moonshine distillers is much more durable and very easy to clean. Just use soap and water like you would on your pots and pans, and will last forever.

 Copper is known for its ability to remove sulfides that are produced during the distilling process (one advantage over stainless stills). So to get those benefits with a stainless still, we use a pure copper mesh material to pack the column. Now you have the best of both worlds: benefits from copper but the durability of stainless (and lower cost than copper). And, the copper mesh is easier to take out and clean than trying to clean the inside of a copper still.

 As copper is very soft and easy to work with, many people opt to build their own moonshine still using copper. No welding involved, no expensive equipment, and can be made at home.  But copper material is very expensive and hard to keep clean.  As the copper tarnishes you must clean it with expensive, harsh chemicals.

 The equipment to work on stainless may cost quite a bit for a single project to do at home, but the cost of stainless material is significantly more affordable to work with. Even with the cost of our equipment, the savings on our materials is great enough to build a still at a much better price than with copper. So to conclude, stainless wins in more ways than one. Cost, durability, and maintenance free.

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 A moonshine still is an apparatus designed to create a homemade mash whiskey called "moonshine." A moonshine still gets its name from the necessity to run distilling operations under cover of darkness, ideally when the moon is full. The cool night air also helps with the distillation process, as vapor is converted back into liquid form. There are many different design variations on the basic moonshine still, but essentially it is a large copper pot with a tight lid and a narrow conical vent at the top. This vent leads the vapors through a coiled length of copper tubing and ultimately into a container for storage. Because the production of alcohol without a license is illegal, a moonshine still would commonly be hidden deep within a mountainous region. Ideally, the moonshine still would be set up near a flowing creek, which would serve as a primitive cooler for the copper tubing. The moonshiner would first mix together a slurry of corn meal, sugar, water and yeast in a large container, then transfer the mixture to the moonshine still itself. After a few days of fermentation, this "corn mash" would acquire a distinctive odor, which is another reason why a moonshine still is generally set up in isolated locations. Once the corn mash has had time to ferment, heat is added to the bottom of the moonshine still. This could be a gas burner or even firewood, but it must be controllable. The corn mash is carefully heated to the point of vaporization, around 173 degrees Fahrenheit (approximately 78 degrees Celsius). The mash is never supposed to reach the boiling point at any time. The vapors from the mash are drawn into the narrow cone at the top of the moonshine still and eventually through the coiled copper tubing. The tubing could be contained in a second pot or placed under the flowing water of a nearby stream. The distilled liquid which eventually drips from the end of the copper coiling is pure grain alcohol, or moonshine. It is usually stored in clay jugs or Mason canning jars after production, then sold illegally by bootleggers. A moonshiner may own the moonshine still and create the product, but he often leaves it up to others to sell it or store it. A quality moonshine still can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars to make, so moonshiners often go to great lengths to hide their operations from government officials and other moonshiners. It is legal to own a moonshine still, but illegal to produce and sell alcohol without a proper license. Many home brewing enthusiasts use a high-tech version of a moonshine still to produce other distilled beverages for their own personal consumption. Before investing in a home distillery system, however, it pays to know the local laws concerning the production of alcoholic beverages.